Wedding day is the most auspicious day in your life. You need to arrange everything nicely to make the event a successful and attractive one. We are constantly adding to our already extensive stock to bring to you the latest and most contemporary designs in exhibition and event furniture hire – an ever changing industry. We supply the best possible quality product and offer a wide range of both contemporary and exclusive furniture.

Furniture Basket:

Table, Plastic Arm Chair, Armless Chair, Executive Chairs, VIP Chairs, Wedding Sofa, Shamiyana, Round tables, Rectangle tables, Red Carpet, Pakoda (Pyramid water proof tents), Side Walls, Octonorm Stalls (Exhibition Stalls), German Water Proof Tents, Kuthu Vilakku (Diya 5 Ft height), AC towers, Pedestal Fans, Coolers, Thermocol Decoration, Back Drops, Lighting, Stage, Crockery, Cutlery, Cooking Vessels, Burners, Tandoor Oven etc.